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We place great importance on energy efficiency. So it is natural that we chose to cover our roof with photovoltaic panels (1'160 panels covering 30% of our needs). LED fixtures are also taking up more and more space in the company.

A new latest-generation natural gas boiler, equipped with a regulated burner and installed as close as possible to the heat use, gave us a consumption gain of about 15% compared to our conventional oil boiler.

Finally, in the summer, the building's air conditioning is mainly achieved using cold water from our own water source. In winter, we recover heat from several installations, including compressors.

Business Excellence

We started the continuous improvement process with the "5S" construction sites at the end of 2017.

The commitment of our Business Excellence Manager in March 2018 has accelerated the profound transformation of Sanaro, improving all areas: security, communication, collaboration, transparency, process, flow, state of mind, ... for a better customer service!

A few examples from the 2019 review:

  • Productivity improvement of +3.5% compared to 2018
  • Service level (on-time delivery of customer orders) improvement from 85% (2018) to 95% (2019)

Reducing our environmental impact

We also analyse our habits and try to reduce our environmental impact on a daily basis.

For example, we have recently reduced our paper consumption by 20% and continue to explore the possibility of switching from paper to digital.

A state-of-the-art video-conference room allows us to hold effective meetings with our Customers, Suppliers or Group Management without having to travel.

In the summer of 2020, we are finalizing a project to replace water fountains and disposable plastic cups with reusable cups - 32,000 cups and 240 water bottles saved annually!

Waste management - in place for many years - is also being continuously optimised.