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Laboratory performances

Our laboratory offers its expertise for various analyses in the field of food supplements and sweeteners in the form of tablets, powders or liquids.

The reliability of the results is ensured by methods validated according to the ICH guideline, as well as trend analyses carried out on the receipt we produce.

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Laboratory leaflet

Logistics and warehousing

Thanks to a local service and a storage capacity of 3,500 pallets, our customers can count on us for logistics solutions adapted to their needs and constraints (handling, packaging, labelling, shipping and tracking).

Whether by truck, ship or plane, we take care of your order until delivery, as the more than 10,000 pallets leaving our factory every year.

International Export

Sanaro exports 90% of its production to more than 60 countries, thanks to a shipping service that complies with international regulations.

As an approved exporter, we organise all your administrative and customs formalities, from standard or intra-Community customs clearance (EU-clearance) to export documents (EUR1, attestation for exportation, certificate of origin or insurance certificate).

Our expertise also covers the legalisation and certification of export documents, or financial guarantees (letter of credit, documentary collection).

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