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Production of sweeteners

Sanaro is your specialist for the creation and manufacturing of sweeteners. Our products are based on conventional raw materials like saccharin, aspartame, cyclamate, acesulfame K and sucralose as well as raw materials of natural origin like stevia, steviol glycoside and rebaudioside A. 

Essential and healthy ingredients

Sanaro manufactures different food supplements providing active people with all the important vitamins, minerals and micronutrients they need. The formulas we use contain scientifically proven ingredients at an optimal dosage and offer bioavailability based on today’s most modern technologies.

Professional manufacturing

We put our competences, know-how and great experience to good use in order to manufacture a wide variety of different products:

  • Pills in different forms and formats
  • Light powders (in glasses and refill bags)
  • Diverse types of sugar-like powders
  • Liquid products

Good quality management

Top quality of sweeteners and food supplements is decisive for success on a very lively and competitive market. Therefore, we conduct strict quality controls on every manufacturing level.
The high quality of all our products and their conformity with regulations are tested and thus, made sure of on a continual basis in our very own testing laboratory as safely and fast as is required.
Quality management with respect to our products is subject to the HACCP food safety guidelines. The processes are completely transparent.

We are certified according to:

  • FSSC 22000

 Many products in our range are certified:

  • Kosher

Development of innovative product.

Sanaro has managed to expand their commercial influence on a global basis by adjusting to the individual wishes of their diversified customers.


All our formulas are optimized according to the requirements of our specific markets and the taste profiles of the consumers.
We work permanently on new formulas, forms and colors with regard to sweeteners and food supplements in order to remain creative and competitive. That includes technological, physical and gustatory tests. Innovative formulations are created and developed in close cooperation with the marketing and the quality assurance departments.
Besides, new raw materials are regularly tested and validated.


Packaging and containers are subject to constant research and improvement based on the main criteria of ergonomics, functionality and esthetics.

Flexibility in the production of sweetener

Due to reasonable and rational organization, a steady, high-qualified and competent staff, a modern and reliable EDP system (SAP), a high-tech machinery and the extremely high flexibility of our production (based on the conception of “production islands” and flextime etc.), we can quickly adjust to the special requirements of a demanding and very varied clientele. This occurs under the supervision of a quality service making sure of compliance with the strictest standards.
We will be happy to develop together with you the sweetener or food supplement you have had in mind. Feel free to get in touch with us!

Different packaging formats

As a contract manufacturer, we offer you flexibility, high quality of work and a large variety of packaging solutions:

  • Dispensers for pills (in 15 forms)
  • Sachets for pills or powders (in 9 sizes)
  • Sticks and mini-sticks for powders
  • Powder containers
  • Doypacks (with zippers or spouts)
  • Bottles

International Shipping

Of course, we are also happy to partner with you in the areas of shipping, storage and trucking.