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  • In 1943

    The Sanaro SA Company was founded in Montreux by Charles Wunderli. From their beginning, the company manufactured sweeteners based on saccharin, a sherbet powder (Perly), medications and candy specialties (chocolate products with liqueur, fruit jelly, dextrose and peppermint pastilles). 

  • In 1962

    The registered office of the company was relocated to Clarens (near Montreux). 

  • In 1971

    Sanaro joined the international Klosterfrau Group and ceased the production of candy specialties and medications in order to dedicate themselves fully to manufacturing and packaging sweeteners.

  • In 1976

    The Assucra SA in Vouvry was founded and tasks were redistributed:
    Sanaro SA took over the entire production and part of packaging while Assucra took care of the largest part of packing jobs. Therefore, there was lively goods traffic on the 16 kilometers between Clarens and Vouvry during the following 10 years. 

  • In 1982

    The Assucra warehouses were enlarged. 

  • In 1986

    Rational organization required that production and packaging take place at the same site: Awaiting the relocation of Sanaro SA, the production space of Assucra SA was expanded.

  • In 1987

    Sanaro relocated to Vouvry.

  • In 1993

    Sanaro SA merged with Assucra SA.

  • In 1995

    The administrative offices were enlarged.

  • In 2003

    SAP R3 was introduced and an interface to the production data acquisition system was created.

  • In 2004

    The production of Natreen was integrated. 

  • In 2009

    The stevia production started.

  • In 2013

    Doypacks were introduced, meaning products would be packed into stand-up pouches with press-on fasteners.

  • In 2017

    Products were expanded by the food supplements sector.